Dear Members and Friends: I did not schedule a Spring meeting because of the ongoing bad weather and the fact that the library is just not a friendly public place to meet for us any longer, altho we could meet at night but nobody wants to do that. Our afternoon meetings by the gazebo BEHIND the Belle Cooledge Library have proven to be quite successful. Especially when we can actually be under the gazebo!! I'll let you know on Facebook when we will have the next meeting, etc. and if you are not on Facebook, just email me or call for a meeting update, ok?




Boy, we sure had to endure an extra long/cold/wet winter and pay sky high heating bills and it took Spring long enough to arrive. I do hope that you did not have any losses during the winter months and everyone made it safely through hibernation. You all know the feeling when that cute little face makes its Spring appearance and you silently say "whew…you made it" It still amazes me how they can withstand such harsh weather and wake up on time and be healthy!!

A few weeks ago, club member, Matthew Goosen, dropped by and I immediately put him to work starting my lawn mower which had been idle all winter and he offered to mow the lawn in the back yard for me which was great! His reward was finding a baby box turtle on the lawn and we do not understand how it avoided being run over or stepped on. We were in shock! It is so much fun to find a treasure like that once in awhile. Remember my words - BE ALERT!! Watch your Step!

As I write this newsletter, I am sitting outside and I'll tell you what I see on this first warmish day of Spring: the 3-toed box turtles are searching for their girlfriends after their long winter sleep. It seem tho, that they don't care which one is which and just chase any of them that move. I've let the Greenhouse gang (those who do not hibernate) out into the yard and they are VERY happy to smell the fresh air of Springtime and can now continue on with their lives and enjoy munching on the grass and weeds. The sliders are basking quietly with their limbs outstretched. It is so nice to see them out of the water and they appear to be smiling…….

The Greeks are always quite busy chasing one another, looking for the perfect mate, but unlike the Hermann's tortoises, the Greeks do stop to EAT. I only have one or two Russian tortoises but I have not seen them yet. All of the box turtles seem to be awake. Jim and Suzi were the first Greeks to awaken and then 'the chase' began immediately. Never a dull moment around here!!

50 feet of fencing has to be replaced as soon as possible so wish me luck with that. Had the weather improved sooner, it would have been done already, but now I might have to wait until the tortoises go back into hibernation. If they see an open area under the fence or anywhere, out they go!! It's just worry worry worry all of the time. I know most of you have the same problems. If you are having any issues, feel free to contact me and I will put you in touch with the right person if I can't help you myself. We're all in this game together, aren't we, and have to help one another when trouble erupts…and share the GOOD STUFF as well!!

Let me know if you can help at the show and feel free to donate plants to the event. They are always a big hit. (I take the leftovers home and yes, I do share with friends and visitors!!)


Can't wait to see you all on June 8 at the Turtlerama and thanks a MILLION for your ongoing support. I couldn't keep the club going for this long without all of your help and good humor. But we still do NOT KNOW who cut up the cake and served it to the people in the back of the room at one of our meetings so long ago while the people up front were listening to the guest speaker. Nobody ever confessed. We want to know - who brought The Knife!!!